Contract Upgrade and Migration

Two easy steps

Thank you to everyone that has already activated their DAI on Give Together. Today we made needed changes to the contract. There was a bug that did not forward rDAI to the charities when sent to the contract. This has been fixed in this commit. In addition to the fix, a few new methods have been added, including one to transfer ownership of the contact is necessary.

If you have activated your DAI on Give Together you will need to withdraw it and then activate it again. This is due to how rDAI works. When you activate your DAI it begins to wear a “hat” which specifies the beneficiary of the interest generated. You can read more about rDAI here. In the past the Give Together’s hat was #61. We have now upgraded to hat #116 and the contract here.

By withdrawing your activated DAI on Give Together and then activating it again you can easily switch hats to the new contract. Note: you can also change your hat directly by using the rDAI proxy contract and calling the changeHat function with the input parameter as Give Together’s new hat #116.

  1. Withdraw your activated DAI

Withdrawing activated DAI

​2. Activate it!

Activate your DAI

That’s it. Thank you for migrating your DAI to the new contract and donating!

By Lucas Kohorst on February 4, 2020.

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